WeShop is a digital social network platform with ambitious plans to become a global leader in the rapidly growing and highly valuable social e-commerce sector.

WeShop’s digital platform is focused on enhancing the online shopping experience by combining social media’s assets of reviews, likes, and shares with an engaging retail e-commerce offering, specifically tailored to the individual user. Users benefit from gaining access to 1,000s of brands and millions of products on one platform plus a two-way sharing of ideas with friends to participate in a rewards system; while brands/retailers benefit from increased sales and awareness. To date £10million has been invested in the

WeShop platform, which has been successfully tested by over one million users.

WeShop is led by a highly experienced team including Matthew Hammond as non-executive Chairman, current managing director and CFO of mail.ru, Russia’s largest internet business in terms of mobile daily audience and Andrew Lawley, former Group Strategy Director of Dixons Carphone plc, WeShop has secured retail partnerships with major brands and retailers including ASOS, Harrods, Nike, Tesco and Boots.

Shareholding: 1.42%

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