Mode Global Holdings PLC

Mode is a UK-based Fintech Group, building a modern financial services business to support an increasingly digitised economy and financial system, combining the best of banking, payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets.

  • Mode app – a groundbreaking digital banking app that allows users to manage their traditional and digital assets all in one place.
  • Bitcoin Jar – one of the highest-yielding and most flexible interest-generating accounts for Bitcoin in the market (accessible through the Mode app).
  • Business payments (WeChat and Alipay) – payment processing services for UK and European businesses to tap into the Chinese market. Mode has secured key partnerships with Tencent (WeChat) and Alipay.
  • Business marketing services (WeChat) – marketing and social media services for UK and European businesses on one of China’s most popular apps.

At Modes IPO, Vela invested £250,000 representing 0.68% of the issued capital

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