Stream TV Networks Wants to Reinvent 3D Television

02nd January 2014 16:24 GMT

The current crop of 3D televisions may have flopped at retail, but one little-known start-up hopes to reinvigorate the market with an entirely new concept: Ultra-D.

Developed by Stream TV Networks, Ultra-D is a new kind of technology, that delivers 3D visuals without the need for glasses.

“We felt that long-term, you really need to go to glasses-free 3D,” Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks, told Benzinga. “Just putting on a pair of glasses just isn’t natural for people, especially someone who wears glasses – it’s terribly inconvenient. We just didn’t think that was a long-term viable prospect.”

In 2014, consumers will finally begin to see the company’s first television sets in stores. Stream TV Networks is not manufacturing the sets in-house, but the start-up has a number of partners (such as Pegatron and Hisense) that will produce TVs with Ultra-D. The TVs will be sold under several Chinese brands, among others. “There’s a really well-known Japanese brand that has agreed to carry it,” said Rajan.