Vibe Tickets

Vibe Tickets is fast becoming the social ticket marketplace of choice for fans in the UK and abroad. We are an open community where fans like you can buy and sell spare tickets, negotiate prices and chat.

Vibe believes in our users, transparency and safety – all are at the core of everything we do. On Vibe, you know who you are buying from or who you are selling to. We save you those ridiculous fees that are being added by established players, and Vibe is free to use for all buyers and sellers.

That simple. That fun.

Vibe Tickets is the first alternative marketplace to buy, sell and share spare tickets.

We’re underdogs; a collective of real entertainment fans working together to solve the ticket resale crisis that’s taken advantage of music fans for too long. It’s run for real fans, by real fans, and is a genuine alternative that can be trusted.

Vibe Tickets offers a platform for real fans to buy and sell their spare tickets as part of a transparent social marketplace. We believe in giving our users the ability to choose and negotiate each & every ticket with total transparency. 

You can identify each person you speak to via their personal profile and linked social media accounts, meaning you can be open and honest about the tickets you’re buying or selling. We empower each user to shop around. They can make an educated decision to either buy or sell tickets in a safe, honest marketplace that’s driven by choice.

We have offices in Lancaster and London and operate throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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