Revolve Performance

In 1995 Roush Industries, headquartered in Detroit USA, set-up an Engineering Services facility in the UK. The one acre site in Brentwood, Essex was selected as it offered opportunity for engineering teams with supporting workshops and a separate building to house the proposed engine dynamometers.

The facility was officially opened in December 1995 and provides powertrain design, prototyping, development, test and integration services for the automotive, defence, marine and rail industries.

In 2003 we acquired the assets of the renowned motorsport engine build business – Mountune Racing, and this was integrated and relocated into the Brentwood site.

With the onset of the global recession in 2006, Roush decided that a consolidation of its various business units was necessary. In 2007 the UK business was acquired through an MBI/MBO, and rebranded Revolve Technologies, with further investment provided in 2015 from Rockpool, a UK based Investment Fund. 

The Revolve business continues to provide engineering services for a number of OEM’s, and has had much success in the development of Low Carbon technologies for both passenger car and rail, and commercial vehicle applications.

Added to the success of the motorsports business unit, Revolve has also developed the mountune brand into a global aftermarket tuning business, supported by automotive OEMs. In 2013 we opened our dedicated facility in California, to support the mountune activity. 

Revolve continue to provide customer focused and engineered solutions for a wide range of industries, through our dedication, commitment and innovation.