Advanced Laser Imaging

Advance Laser Imaging

Advance Laser Imaging Limited (ALI) a recently established company which uses laser scanning hardware and software applications to produce 360 degree 3D images and models. Such images can be created for anything from small components or pieces of forensic evidence at a micron level, up to buildings, industrial plants or areas of a town and can be utilised and manipulated to view scenes from multiple perspectives at varying levels of detail, without any further scanning or photography. The models can be used to establish anything from bullet trajectory to suspect biometric information.

There are many applications of the specialist technology in both private and public sectors including the Military; Property Development and Services; Police/Blue Light Services; Architecture; Insurance and Legal services, both in the UK and abroad.

Director comment: “We believe that the advanced technology developed by the team at ALI, combined with a highly accredited and experienced management team and multiple applications in different sectors both in the UK and internationally give rise to both a compelling investment case and growth platform.”