Investment Strategy

Opportunities to invest in companies are presented to the Board of Vela Technologies on a regular basis and cover companies across almost every sector. Vela may invest at a very early stage where it can be possible to buy a larger stake. Investing at this stage, however, brings with it a higher degree of risk. As a result, most of our recent investments have been when a company has proven its product or service. It would also be preferable that the investeE company is either listed or may list in the near future.

More recently, Vela Technologies has extended its area of potential investments into companies listed on a Recognised Investment Exchange, such as AIM or the London Stock Exchange.

Following the sharp drop in stock markets during 2018, opportunities have arisen among quoted companies where the market has become disenchanted, disinterested or does not want to understand companies that may have not lived up to expectations in the past but are now correcting that going forward with a valuation that reflects this.

However, at whatever stage we do invest, we always stick to our strict criteria of investing alongside other experienced investors, in great people who are highly driven and at significant personal exposure to the success of the business.

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